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Welcome to the Biotechnology Institute (BTI)

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Carlmont High School’s Biotechnology Institute (BTI) is a competitive three-year, cross-curricular program that offers a series of dual-enrollment, biotechnology courses from Skyline College, and science-themed English and social studies classes. Special benefits include access to state-of-the-art lab equipment and facilities; field trips to both start-ups and pioneering companies in the biotechnology industry; and the opportunity to build relationships with professionals in the scientific community through an annual symposium, and a year-long mentor program.


The BTI Newsletter highlights our most recent activities.


Biotechnology Institute's Mission:

  • To immerse students in a science-centric curriculum, which explores science’s connection to the humanities and influence in the world.

  • To create critical thinking, science-minded individuals who are prepared to succeed in college and have the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to give them an edge in the biotechnology industry.

Students in lab coats


Students in lab
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