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Program Overview

During the three-year program, students take the following courses within BTI: a series of biotechnology courses, Chemistry for Biotechnology, English, and social studies. BTI teachers across the disciplines collaborate to create assignments that encourage cross-curricular connections. The English and social studies courses are college preparatory and science-themed.

The BTI program also has a significant career exploration component. Students get the opportunity to interact with many professionals in the scientific community through the mentor program, which includes a job shadow day; symposiums; and field trips to biotech companies.

Our unique and innovative biomanufacturing class is only offered to BTI students. It is co-taught by Ms. Burndon and Dr. Kapp, a professor from Skyline College. Students receive dual credit for this course.

BTI students also receive dual credit for Biotechnology 1-2 and Biotechnology 3-4. Biotechnology 3-4 is a four-unit class, so students receive a grade bump when applying to CSUs and UCs. Ultimately BTI students graduate with nine units of community college credit. You can read more about dual-enrollment credit here. 

10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Biotechnology 1-2
English 2 (science-themed)
Modern European History 
Biotechnology 3-4
English 3 (science-themed)
US History (science-themed)
Chemistry for Biotechnology
Biomanufacturing (college course)
English 4 (science-themed)
Gov/Econ (science-themed)
Cross-Curricular Connection
Biotechnology Research Project
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Brave New World
Cross-Curricular Connection
Plant-Based Disinfectant Project
Oryx and Crake
Cross-Curricular Connection
Gov/Econ: regulations
Bad Blood
Fahrenheit 451
Jurassic Park
Professional Connections
Tour a biotechnology company
Professional Connections
Mentor Program
Job Shadow
Mock Interviews
Tour a biotechnology company
Professional Connections
Create a biotechnology company
Bay Area Science Festival
Submit project to conference
Tour a biotechnology company










See table below for an example of what a student's full schedule might look like over three years.
Example of a three-year course pathway for BTI students.
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