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Program Overview

During the three-year program, students take the following courses within BTI: a series of biotechnology courses, Chemistry for Biotechnology, English, and social studies. BTI teachers across the disciplines collaborate to create assignments that encourage cross-curricular connections. The English and social studies courses are college preparatory and science-themed.

The BTI program also has a significant career exploration component. Students get the opportunity to interact with many professionals in the scientific community through the mentor program, which includes a job shadow day; symposiums; and field trips to biotech companies.

Our unique and innovative biomanufacturing class is only offered to BTI students. It is co-taught by Ms. Burndon and Dr. Kapp, a professor from Skyline College. Students receive dual credit for this course.

BTI students also receive dual credit for Biotechnology 1-2 and Biotechnology 3-4. Biotechnology 3-4 is a four-unit class, so students receive a grade bump when applying to CSUs and UCs. Ultimately BTI students graduate with nine units of community college credit. You can read more about dual-enrollment credit here. 

10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Biotechnology 1-2
English 2 (science-themed)
World History
Biotechnology 3-4
English 3 (science-themed)
US History (science-themed)
Chemistry for Biotechnology
Biomanufacturing (college course)
English 4 (science-themed)
Gov/Econ (science-themed)
Cross-Curricular Connection
Biotechnology Research Project
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Brave New World
Cross-Curricular Connection
Plant-Based Disinfectant Project
Oryx and Crake
Cross-Curricular Connection
Gov/Econ: regulations
Bad Blood
Fahrenheit 451
Jurassic Park
Professional Connections
Tour a biotechnology company
Professional Connections
Mentor Program
Job Shadow
Mock Interviews
Tour a biotechnology company
Professional Connections
Create a biotechnology company
Bay Area Science Festival
Submit project to conference
Tour a biotechnology company











BTI students also take a wide variety of courses outside the program. Examples include

Spanish, French, or Chinese
Performing arts
Fine arts
Leadership/ASB classes
Computer science
Statistics or AP Statistics
Psychology, or AP Psychology
AP Seminar and AP Research
Psychology or AP Psychology
Human Biology
AP Biology
All levels of math from Geometry to Ab or BC Calculus

Speak with the BTI school counselor, Ms. Kim Miller, if you have questions about whether or not you will have room in your schedule to take all of the classes that interest you.

The only classes BTI students are ineligible for are AS or AP English, and AP social studies classes. BTI English and social studies classes are rigorous college preparatory classes that are science-themed and have a unique curriculum. See the tabs in the top left corner of this page for more details.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about our program.

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