BTI Graduates

Students at sophomore symposium   
Preparing students for the future
BTI students graduate with valuable skills and expertise that will serve them for life. 
  • They are strong team players. Collaboration is second nature to them.
  • They are confident and experienced presenters.
  • They cultivate strong professional relationships and continue to network and search for mentors.
  • Those who choose to major in science have exceptional lab skills that exceed those of most undergraduates.
  • All have a solid foundation in bioethics and understand the intersection between science and the humanities.
  • All who pursue a college degree begin their first year 9 dual-enrolled college units in Biotechnology. Some are surprised to discover that they start college close to having sophomore status. 
Colleges Where Our Students Have Been Accepted
University of California California State University Private Schools  Out-of-State, Public
Los Angeles
San Diego
Santa Barbara
Santa Cruz
Cal Poly SLO
East Bay
Long Beach
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
San Marcos
Boston University
Brandeis University
Cornell University
Hawaii Pacific University
Johns Hopkins University
Florida Institute of Technology
Lewis and Clark College
Menlo College
Rice University
Smith College
Stanford University
Purdue University
Trinity College
University of San Francisco
Indiana University
Rutgers University
University of Arizona
University of Colorado, Boulder
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
University of Oregon
University of Wisconsin
University of Washington
Student speaking with mic
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