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Biotech Institute Application

We are currently looking for 60 science-minded freshmen to join our community in the 2019-2020 school year. Click HERE to access the link to our online application. 

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Prerequisite for applying to BTI: 

9th grade students who apply to the program must be enrolled in Biology and Algebra. To be eligible to enroll in the the program, students must pass both semesters of these courses. 

How we select our students:

The BTI staff assesses students holistically when deciding who to accept into the program. We are looking for students who have a strong interest in science as demonstrated by their application and interview. We are also looking for students who are highly engaged in class as demonstrated by their grades and attendance records.

Commitment to the program:

Campus-wide, schedule changes will not be permitted after May 24; therefore, students who accept our invitation to enroll in BTI will not be able to drop the program over the summer or in August when we return. Additionally, students who join the program are making minimum of a one-year commitment.
 Senior students in lab.  BTI students on a field trip.
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