Students from the Class of 2019  Students from the Class of 2019
Senior Testimonials
What are words of advice you would give to a science-minded freshman who was considering BTI?
It will probably be the best decision of your high school career. Being a part of a like-minded community will do you wonders in your academic endeavors. ~AM
If I could go back in time to freshman year I would have chosen to do BTI all over again. BTI has been an amazing experience and will really test your scientific thinking. ~MB
If you are worried about not having AP classes or a traditional English class, don’t. So many high schoolers follow the same cookie cutter process thinking they need to have the best GPA because that’s what colleges want. BTI gives you a chance to stand out and if you do love science, you will be standing out and following your passion. If you are a literature lover like me, you will not be cheated out of traditional novels, you get an experience to look at similar novels in a different way. ~RG
What has BTI meant to you?
It not only gave me an amazing series of interesting classes with wonderful teachers but also a community in which I always felt welcome. ~AM
The Biotech program has further developed my understanding of science while making it fun and enjoyable. The past three years have been full of amazing people and memories I will take with me beyond my high school career. ~MB
The BTI program gives me a way to be a part of the school and learn exactly what I love. I don’t need to wait until college to focus entirely on science. BTI also gives me the community and support group to do well and better myself. We have been together for nearly three years, we are not classmates but a family. BTI gives me a purpose.  ~RG
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