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 Students with tee shirts they designed for BTI. Students hanging out in the lab at lunch. 
Student Profile
We are often asked what kind of student we are looking for among our applicants. The answer is simple. We want science enthusiasts with a strong sense of curiosity. When they have free time, our students love to watch TED Talks related to science, or listen to science-related podcasts. They also read articles about scientific research.
Some of our students fell in love with science as young children when they went to the Exploratorium or California Academy of Sciences for the first time, or when they received a science experiment kit or chemistry set as a gift. Others discovered their passion for science in school.
Many of our students have aspirations to work in a field of science or medicine, while some aspire to go into fields such as law, marketing, business, or finance. Through our program, these students learn how the biotechnology industry is supported by these professions. We also have students who aspire to be educators, computer scientists, filmmakers, and performing artists. Whatever path they take, their science minds will serve them well.
Colleges Where Our First Graduating Class Has Been Accepted
University of California California State University Private Schools  Out of State, Public
San Diego
Santa Barbara
Santa Cruz
Cal Poly SLO
East Bay
Long Beach
Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
San Marcos
Brandeis University
Cornell University
Hawaii Pacific University
Florida Institute of Technology
Lewis and Clark College
Menlo College
Notre Dame de Namur University
Purdue University
Trinity College
University of San Francisco
Indiana University
University of Arizona
University of Colorado, Boulder
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
University of Oregon
University of Wisconsin
University of Washington
Where Our Students Have Earned Internships
  • Stanford Institutes of Medicine Research Program (SIMR)
  • UC Davis Young Scholars Program
  • NASA
  • Science Internship Program at the California Academy of Sciences
  • San Mateo County Office of Education's STEM Center
  • Telomere Diagnostics
  • CSBio
  • REG Life Sciences
BTI Students in the News
Photo from MPWD news article
Mid-Peninsula Water District
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Student Testimonials

“For me, BTI has provided an amazing space of like-minded people, who help me to focus on my ambitions in science. It has encouraged me to keep up good grades and research different topics outside of class. I have loved going on the BTI field trips and going to weekly club meetings. When I know that I have a certain group of people who are usually in two or more of my BTI classes, it allows me to ask for more help from my peers when I'm confused on an assignment, and it gives me the experience of being relied upon to give my peers information if they need it. Cross-curricular assignments are also a lot of fun, because I can understand how science relates to history, and my future in the real world. Overall, I believe BTI is a wonderful program that helps make me a better student.” -KH

“With BTI, I have gained experiences that I could not have received in other classes. This program really is one-of-a-kind and is one of the biggest career-building opportunities offered here. What I have gained is the ability to make friends with people I have never known, have a more intimate relationship with teachers since it is a slightly smaller classroom setting, and to know what it is to be a scientist. Learning the lifestyle of a lab technician has taught me how to successfully keep a legal scientific notebook and to practice efficient and effective lab technique. Personally, I am more interested in theoretical physics and quantum mechanics than biotechnology, but even though they don't have lots of collaboration, I am receiving skills that will be most important in my career as a scientist.” -CL

 Students on the roof at the California Academy of Sciences. Students interacting with an art exhibit outside of the Exploratorium.
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